Staying hydrated plays a critical role in athletic performance, but hydration is not a one size fits all solution. For over 50 years we’ve put in countless hours in the lab to better understand our athletes. Today, we can tell them exactly what they loose in sweat, and how much they are losing, so that they can put it all back in.

Andre De Grasse

All dreams start somewhere, but all dreams need to be worked into reality. Gatorade is there to fuel the hustle, determination and passion for winning at some of the most elite youth camps, clinics, and tournaments across the country.

Fuelling the Future

Gatorade 5v5

You're likely used to seeing our athletes on the big stage, but there’s an entire other side of what they do when they step off the ice or take off their spikes that makes them inspirational. Here is a glimpse of the other side of our team.

Dear Hockey

Canada Soccer

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